Medicus is an AI-based platform that was founded in May 2015. The platform converts medical reports and health data into a visual experience with easy-to-understand health insights and actionable recommendations. This allows diagnostic labs and their customers, such as clinics and doctors, to connect and communicate with their patients in an interactive and continuous manner, transforming the age-old experience of medical data management to the modern world.

III-V Technologies GmbH is an Austrian startup that specializes in developing innovative solutions for electronic industry applications in various sectors. Their solutions range from processors to power devices, quantum computing solutions and sensors. They have introduced novel ideas in areas such as semiconductor-based Multi-Purpose Sensor (MPS), faster and more energy efficient transistors used in microprocessors, as well as analog devices and circuits.

Green mining Dao is the first Dao to mine BTC – green! its vision is to create a carbon-neutral economy, through an independent and decentralized financial system. It is transforming the mining paradigm by proving Green Mining Token ($GMT) holders with quarterly payouts. Investors earn BTC with Green Mining DAO’s sustainable & decentralized BTC mining and gain partial ownership of solar power plants and mining farms

Decentral_Iced – At the heart of the company’s ecosystem is a commitment to sustainability. By using renewable energy sources and environmentally-friendly mining practices, it reduces the carbon footprint of BTC mining and makes it more socially responsible. As a holding company of GM DAO, it has the strategic vision and resources to replicate the successful business model of GM DAO in various parts of the world.

Particula provides an advanced data platform for tokenized real-world assets, reducing research resources by 90% and offering real-time market data. It supports the exploration of various tokenized assets, helps optimize portfolio composition, manage risks, develop sustainability strategies, and efficiently meet client needs. Additionally, Particula includes robust compliance monitoring, reporting, revenue enhancement, and quality assessments to offer unparalleled insights and transparency in the realm of digitized assets.